Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malaysia's Boss Helm Runs

Gratz to all who have helm-ed recently
To all who haven get helm guys will have to wait a while ok
The list of helmming is pretty long
There can only be 2 run per day..sometimes we do only 1..while sometimes the run might fail=.=
Priority goes to active players
According to our experience..momo suggested that helmmer will be require to go into the map first and check to see if it's empty before the rest heads in..<--shall not go into detail bout that
Looting of helm w/o instruction is prohibited
Please do not upset any of our member by ignoring the helmming priority list>.<
PS: Siew siew dar dar..can try on during the weekends if u're free..we'll helm u^^
Special thanks to Law aka xxlvvwvvIxx and Dragonfly890 for constantly helping in our run^^
x3 all my dar dar^^ chuu~

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