Thursday, April 2, 2009


> aHBlurLing [aka ling] & pAiKiAzZz [aka boi] zak helmed!
> kohcmeng [aka uncle bear] scarlion helmed!


and also hereby wna say a BIG SORRY,
to those who attended today's targa run. x.x
sorry for wasting all your pots, stars, time, exp and effort, etcetc.
sorry to apolo, sim and slayer for not being able to helm you 2.
[stupid scarlion dropped only 2 helms, though one of the helm got nice stats. 18 19 19 19. F5]
also sorry for dc-ing without even get to take a look at targa =="
love ya guys and thanks for the help(:

with love,
peiyinie aka CrEaM.

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