Thursday, April 9, 2009


Congratz HeiSeiHui Guild Ranking 5th AGAIN!!
Login at around 1+pm in the afternoon today..
Just happens that quite a no. of people were online^^
Then..somehow..we decided to have GPQ!!
From 6th --->5th!!
But somehow..there were pretty little attkers..see the 3 of us crying there for momo~
That's the only 3 attkers available..LOL
Mom0 Probably died 10 times during the process..
i Died once nia..the other 2..haiyo..least twice ok..F3
All never watch their MG de..wakaka..
eh..why my head look so freaking big=.=
Momo..dying again..and again..and again~
Think we did round 5 or 6 rounds..lolz..2 i/l arch mage N 1 NL nia..
Okok lar..manage to down erogth round 5 mins..
though we don't have bishop..**spam like shit**..lolz..
Diam Diam thio dispel sia
Hara only came at the last round..T_T
But nevertheless!! JYJY HSH-rians!!
x33 all my dar dars~chuu~

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