Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scarlion Helmed

Thanks all who have help me helmed :/

Helmed on the day itself when I log in, what an unexpected news :O

But thanks for sloting me in :)

And it's an all HeiSerHui Malaysia Boss run =D
except for 1 person... P: Hehe...

Okay, Yah!!! I'm feeling so hyper now!! Dunno why.

Special thanks to the attackers :

ICEcreamr1 (using Tokwanyi)

And gratz pAiKiazZz & aHBlurLing helmed!!! :D

Thanks for helming me!!
Thanks Mom04310 for providing me pots!!
Thanks for those kind maplers for sparing me town scrolls :/ (my bad, I keep forgetting to buy)

Getting Ready

Throw Bear Bear

Well, it wasn't really hard to bring down B1 & B2. Its attacks are...mostly missed?
Maybe, it's because my HP bar is always full :O and I'm the one who slacked the most :OO

We even chat while fighting..hehe...

Body 1 - Innocent Bear Bear

Body 2 - Ugly Bear Bear

Body 3 - Even Uglier Bear Bear...well, lucky it doesn't look like uncle kohcmeng bear ;D

But, at B3, MoM0 and creamy don't let the helmers fight. They said it's dangerous, while I didn't see any harm in it. But I don't wanna take any risk and cause any trouble.
So we 3 helmers sat down S-L-A-C-K.
paikiazZz died for going near the boss. Ha-ha. Budybody. F3 but got revived again. F3 lucky you.

After 1 hour or so, which seems like forever, when I almost fell asleep on my keyboard... P: my bad...

they finally kill Bear Bear! Yay!

There were 4 helms. Didn't see the drops.
I took my first helm.
Stats for first helm.

Not really nice, huh? :/
There's extra 1 more, so they let me take :D hehe (stop it siewlin! ur too greedy TT)

Stats for second helm.

hehe...better then the first stats :D

Thanks ahman for the mega :D

And, Gratz others who helmed as well!!! :D

See my ugleh smile!!! x)))))

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