Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Marriage to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

Wedding Bells Ringing~
Congratulations to the newly wed,
SnowyFei & MelisaGordon

was kind of lucky to login at the right time
and got invited to their wedding(:
but the invitation bug almost made me gave up going -_-

the invitation thats so difficult to get.
finally got it after several attempts.
thanks to momo for being so persisting.
she motivated me to continue spam relog for the invitation. hahahah

MelisaGordon & SnowyFei

thanks to them, we get to see the new look of the wedding hall.
it was changed so that the couple
and the guests were on the same platform.
though its better in a sense that guests get to see whats going on,
but it gets kind of messy to the extent that....
people actually asked where's the couple -_-

and its kind of weird that the priest stands in the middle.....
i know in real life, the priest do stand in the middle.
but mind you, this is a 2D game leh........

in the process of taking wedding photo...

well, as my scroll lock key is not working [as usual, which idk why..]
i cant spam take screenshots and choose the better ones.
so make do with this luh.... =/

lastly, shall end off this post with a prettier screenshot..
already the best among the rest....
so you can imagine how's the rest. =/

once again, grats to SnowyFei & MelisaGordon.
wish the two of them happy marriage and stay lovey! heh.

best wishes, ruth(:

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