Tuesday, December 15, 2009


last saturday was so bored.. F5
so decided to hav a special event "FINDING MOMO"
as tis is a sudden decision so mayb not everyone is able to go ba.. cuz meeting time is 1hr later =p hehe
so sms to date dear momo out for a movie n dinner..
went to JB with ex-guildmate aka tour guide mr wlsp,
im the org i shld b the one who bring him go, but i only noe go to kranji mrt to take bus.. rest duno liao
so in the end i follow him here n there =.=
cinema was so crowded with ppls.. (movie ticket only RM11 nia.. cheap cheap^^) as momo was busy with her own thing, so we bought ticket 1st n wait for her..
busy momo was late ard 40mins after show started.. (i was standing at the entrance watching movie for ard 20mins till i bth le.. thn i pass ticket to the staff, ask them pass to a gal name elaine =p)
after movie, 3 of us was complained "storm warrior" not nice de,
momo bring us walk walk at city sq thn we hav dinner at ah foo street..
in fact the foods is more tasty thn city sq de lo
after finish my food, i saw something, we ordered cane drink de uncle was washing cups..
nth special rite?
but he is using a pretty small bucket de water to wash all cups..
erm.. erm...
speechless lo..
thn i told myself "dirty eat dirty grow"^^
anw "FINDING MOMO is a nice trip to me..
hope more ppls can join us next time^^
let hav "FINDING MOMO part 2" ba
f3 all

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