Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Hey, people! Guess who's back? :D

Yes, finals is over!!! Yayyy~~!!! Another process of growing up ))): Noo~~!!!

Well, after spending the whole day, endlessly, downloading MapleStory, each time, praying that the 3 hour process of downloading will go smoothly. (But, no, it didn't) I finally SUCCEED!! 
And also changing all my accounts passwords, which makes it even complicated for me...ZzZ...Asiasoft passwords are so screwed up. F3.

The first thing that happen to me when I log in, was, my fame got scammed. called, the sign of welcoming me back to MapleStory, eh? :]  (It's just 1 fame, so who cares...)

I went loitering around the maps, asking endless questions about stuffs, yada yada yada yada........


Then, we had this tiny weeny small family gathering coz I wanted a family tree :D
So, I ask davidlimxxx to be in my family. And, out of nowhere, pop out HSH members in FM. Uh-huh.
Thus, one small family turns out to be BIG! So, not only do I have a Junior, but a Senior :D

It was under zXcmlharaXz family :]

Then after a quick ss, we went to Time Paths in Leafre, to complete quests.

davidlim, Charm, Blamb, Ken, and woshisid were the among of people who went.

Together with my Junior, "Lao Sai-ing" in the sky :P

My dragon siewlin is pregnant (:

Dragon Blamb is giving birth ((:  His baby is holy, that's why it glows (((:

david tried to kill Blamb (:

Finally aunty siewlin level up after one year of absence (:

Killing The Ugly Dodo Birdy Fish


Spam kill Dodo Fish with my senior

Yeah, so, that's all for the welcoming party, gua...I guess :D

Gratz those who had Leveled today.
Gratz to those new Jr.Masters who I haven't grats yet.

and I hope I will get along with the new members in HSH also with my new family members (:


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