Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Gathering

Mom04310 organized a small Christmas gathering surprise for Blamblameb at Happyville, 11.30pm. To countdown for his birthday.

Most of the members turn up during the gathering. Ex members like iwlsp and cherly also turn up to celebrate too. Well, sorta.......

Everyone gather at the cc14 and tried transforming themselves into some creatures to enter a room, but, not everyone had snowpiece(from last year's Christmas quest). So, davidlimxxx and me, tried to get everyone into their transformations to get into the room.

Everyone went crazy indeed.
It was merely impossible to control these small tiny head maplers to stand still and to zip their mouths to take a snapshot :D

But we got the shots in the end *wipe sweats away*


So called a countdown for Blamblameb birthday, eh
Anyway, sorry Blamblameb for not making such a...wonderful birthday surprise for you, but no worries, this present is especially for you.

Ok la, maybe very plain and uncreative la, but got silver heart shapes, okay? if you can't read my writing xO


At the end of the SS Session, Blamblameb gave a short speech to us :

Xia0b aka Bee
Blamblameb : bee, you are my fan
Xia0b : you are my butt f3

Blamblameb : momo, you are my mom

Dreammech aka Roger
Blamblameb : dream, you are my dream

iCeStyLisT aka Muddie
Blamblameb : mud, u are very lengzai. I like your hair d wax

Blamblameb : yiyi, don't follow panda wrong step

Blamblameb : mon, your eye is the smallest I ever seen

Blamblameb : ache? your board, edi touch monny butt

Blamblameb : siewpao....erm...your hair is very straight...(zzzz....)

Blamblameb : moon, I like digimon when I was 7

Blamblameb : david, don't give up in TT

Blamblameb : long time no see

I got prove le, I SS it down...F3...


So, it's the end of Christmas already, and school is reopening soon for those who are still schooling. And I still haven't go research on what to study in my future ):

So, till then. Enjoy your leftover holidays to the fullest! (: Bye!

HeiSerHui-ans Sleeping Together

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