Friday, October 15, 2010

13th Oct Outing part 2

GRASSHOPPER's Concert Ticket as my birthday gift from HSH-ians.. MUACK!
this is my 2nd time go to watch 3 handsome old man singing^^

Mr Ben didi aka 小笨,
he done all the job for us till end of the day.. i wonder how much kitty paid him =p
friendship = priceless
sausage, satay, chicken wing.. n some vegetarian foods~~

This aluminium foil DIY bowl was made by kitty's mummy

Waiting for feed?
smell weird de cigar..
Question: Who cut these 2 cakes?
Answer: Pro in YJC

This 2 "frozen" longan and mango pudding were made by ziwei. thks!^^

~ some frens asked me.. how come kitty book 4 days chalet to celeb birthday, my ans is don't know leh.. maybe he like to stay chalet ba =p

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