Saturday, October 30, 2010

First NightLord In HSH Level200

History has made it again for HeiSerHui guild, when Jr.Master, Mom04310 tossed her last Ibli and hits the jackpot at 8.30pm, 30th October 2010.

Our dear, Mom04310, has finally made it to Level200. Not only that she's been an active Jr.Master in HSH, she is also the first NightLord in HSH to hit Level200!!! A big success to HeiSerHui!!!

Now that she has archieved her goal, I guess she won't be login in much as usual.
I am all aloneeeeeeeee~~!!! D: Lonely LoanShark. *cries at dark corner and scraps wall*

Congratulations once again to Mom04310 to reach Lvl200. Now that you can give Maple a break, you should give us your free Echos too!! :D *winks*


Now, I wonder whose turn le...

SooSpirit!!! Faster Lvl200 arghh!!! F5!!!


Also, we would like to wish...

A Happy Blessed Birthday to Hirokusama!!!

~ ~ ~

GM in Spooky

 Happy Trick-O-Treating People!!! :D

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