Thursday, October 14, 2010

13th Oct Outing

Photo of the day : Bee tearing up after reading ruth's touching message? Or too touch-ed after receiving her present? or perhap like what ah boi said : coz there's only ONE ticket!

As all of ya know, some of the ex-HSHs went out to celebrate kitty's birthday chalet last night~
It's been a long time since we've last met up.
Hmm..ever since dou's birthday half a year ago....time really do flies...
But still...Enjoyable night guys =)
Reminded me of the old times..we had together.. are some of the pictures we took last night~

Our Birthday girl(s) and guy~ and the yanyan gifted by ruth..
In case you are curious, we bought Bee a "grasshopper" concert ticket
Ling some stuff (perfume/lotion) from Body Shop~
Kitty a cake (the one on >>>) and 2 bottles of cheap non-alcoholic cocktail..
Present are all shared by the people who went =)

Bee wondering what we bought her..since it's just papers~

I hope someone does another post on this..i'm a bad writter on events..lols
Still..i had loads of fun..hope those who felt the same way too~
P/S: i didn't buy my cert.
P/S (2) : Ah boi is the language expert! i'm impressed! he can even speak tamil!
P/S (3) : Bee cook Otah Chips..simply crispy..must try~

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