Monday, October 4, 2010

Official 2010 HSH - Oct Outing

Hi HSH-rians, YiYi here..As you guys know..
Our very old member aka x1aok1tty is having his 21st birthday celebration next
wednesday. I was hoping to celebrate our cute XiaoB dardar / Ling dar dar birthday together as well~ ( many pretties birthday coming)

Kitty actually booked a chalet from Monday till thursday and invited all of us to join his birthday party aka bbq nite i think
So the official date will be 13th Oct night (wednesday) for the party i suppose.
Do drop by anyday during 10-14th oct at the chalet for "ramdom" gathering~

Apprantly, Kitty is still overseas at the moment.
So i still have no idea which chalet he booked. Or how much is each person suppose to pay.
I'll update you guys ASAP after i get more information from him.

Everyone is welcome to the HSH gathering =)
However, i dun seems to have all the contacts of the members in HSH
Especially the new ones. So i strongly encourage you to join us and get to know each other better in real lifes instead of a virtual world xD
So drop me a sms or if you can ask for my no. from the older members in guild if you're free on that day! Email me at is acceptable as well =)

I'm not the organiser..just some random person who's helping out with the guest list..lols
Can someone ask Mom0 to see if she wanna meet her HMV click? coz they're both joining =P
I understand that this outing is conducted in SG..hopefully some cute malaysian can join us?
U know who you are..i dun hold much hope though..lols..just try~

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