Thursday, December 30, 2010

GPQ Runs

As you all know, GPQ runs had been organized day and night in order to gain back our Top3 rank place, well sort of.
New members have been invited to the guild, and ever since then, our guild has been so lively again.
*sniffles* First time in a long time I've seen this guild so lively, I think I'm gonna cry T.T

Anyway, there were quite a number of members who turned up for the GPQ run.
There are some who couldn't make up their mind whether they wanted to come.
There are some who are too self-less to even bother.
There are some who............ dunno die where already.

But, anyway, thanks to those who had came for the GPQ.

Special thanks to FrozenChant, Tokwanyi and ArtOfNua.
Without you guyz/gals, I think I've already end up in the hospital.
Thanks to Ah Nua, the GPQ won't even be completed without you, since after all, I'm the awesome dc-er.
Thanks to Asa and Yiyi, whichever one who had brought the noob and also kill Eragoth. Plus, the multi-tasker(Asa), I have seriously no idea how she can control 3 characters(computers) in one time.

GPQ Entrance
RIP godhellxxx
4th stage - waiting
Another death - RIP Yumih
Killing Eragoth

Oh, by the way, for your information, our dear davidlimxxx is leaving for Japan around next year March. He is now currently busy with his Japanese class, that's why he seldom logs in Maple. So, I suggest that we should spend time with him whenever we can, okay? :D

For a moment, I feel that everyone close to me is leaving me :(

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