Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Frog's Birthday.

aka Leslie aka Froggeh.

Let us shower this bamboo frog with loads of wishes!
Jiayou for school, NS and everything you do!! :D

Oh ya and also, PLEASE TALK TO US DURING OUTINGS and not talk to your itouch. Haha

p/s: Sorry for the lack of pictures. Will add in when I'm more alive. Am currently dying from exhaustion D:
p/p/s: I need to learn some photoshop skills. Hahaha.

With loads of love, Ruth


Leslie said...

the frog's birthday?! .____.
thanks anw ah bunneh! :D

RUTHIE :D said...

Of coz. If not what? Haha. Welcome! (:

Leslie said...

walao ._. i dun even know why am i frog in the 1st place pls! LOL ahahaha. i nvr talk cos i shy mah! hehe

steambunz said...

boys cannot shy d ^^

RUTHIE :D said...

I also forgot why you are the frog. I think coz of the mane cover or smth. But why am i the bunny? -_-
Pls, don't act yi ge shy la.