Friday, December 30, 2011

CokeAddMilk 2nd NL Level200

HeiSerHui did it again!! Another 2nd NightLord has achieved Level200 in HeiSerHui!!
And, it's none other than CokeAddMilk aka sebas!!! The highest contributor in terms of guild points in HeiSerHui!!! 

Congratulations on your greatest achievement!!

While coke was struggling through the last few percentage of EXP, some of us gathered at FM cc11 to anxiously wait for the news.

On 29th December 2011 at 11.10pm, just 2 days away from new year's eve, Coke finally leveled!!! Alas, achieving the glorious moment that every Mapler had yearned for, Level200!

And of course, the megas start flooding in as well...

And most of them happens to be his own mega :p rich kid f3

To top it off, the mini celebration went on with a little bit of spamming!! :p

Although we have known you for just a short period of time, some of us have felt that you are a part of our family :) Hence, we will always welcome you back to HSH anytime :)

Lastly, congrats again for achieving Level200!!!
Give us your echo!! :p

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