Monday, December 26, 2011

Luminous Guild Formed & 3rd Guild Alliance

A new guild is born!!! Congratulations to the newly formed guild, Luminous created by siewlin, under the full sponsorship of Mom04310. Luminous is under liased with HeiSerHui, due to the high capacity of membership in HeiSerHui. Due to this problem, we are not able to add in new members, "fresh blood" Maplers into the guild. Thus, this guild is formed to add inactive or infrequent HeiSerHui maplers into Luminous.

Luminous, which also means lighting up. Which signifies that no matter how dark a place is, a light is all it takes to repel the darkness. The meaning behind it also means that good(light) will always win over evil(dark).

The guild is formed as it is today on the 25th December 2011, 1.15pm.

* * *

HeiSerHui's 3rd guild alliance is formed, yet again on this day 25th December 2011, right after Luminous guild is formed. The guild alliance, name as HSHEmpire, was created in order to continue the guild tradition. And thus, the guild alliance was formed by Mom04310 on this day as well.

Congratulations to both HeiSerHui and Luminous!! May success be with you always!!

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