Monday, December 26, 2011

A New LaoDa Is Born

Congratulations to Mom04310 for being the next HeiSerHui guild master!! Hence, the 2nd guild master in HeiSerHui!!!

2hangfei was the founder of HeiSerHui, dated back in 3rd March 2007. Although 2hangfei has been inactive recently, the guild is still as establish as it is today!! Without him, HeiSerHui would not have been created, and we would not have met the HSH gang!!

Recently, 2hangfei has decided that it is time to put down the position as guild master, as he thinks it is time to think of other important things in life, hence his real life (family, friends, work, etc.). Thus, he has decided to give the opportunity to Mom04310, who has been with HeiSerHui as long as he did, to lead and continue the history and traditions of HeiSerHui.

Therefore, this would mark as a day of remembrance of 2hangfei, who have stepped down from his position, and a new born leader of HeiSerHui on the 25th December 2011.

2hangfei will always be remembered no matter what. Good luck to you and your future lives!! May you and your family be well and happy!!

Once again, congratulations to Mom04310, our new HeiSerHui guild master!!

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