Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Annual Gathering?

Hello to all dearest HSHians!!

Long time no seeeeeeeeeee!! Haven't been blogging diligently on this blog for very long because;

1. I'm having problem with downloading/loading maple
2. Have got no outing or whatsoever for me to blog
3. No inspiration to blog

Been hard on siewlin to keep it alive.
Thankyou so much dearest siewlin! x33

Anyway, I'm blogging this post to seek for opinions. Coz no one's keen on organising outings anymore because;

1. It's really tedious
2. Singapore is so small we can't think of any activities
3. Everyone's been so busy

And so, I'm thinking about organising an annual HSH gathering. It'll be so much better than to do it like monthly plus since everyone know it'll be around what timing of the year, they could probably plan their own schedules to make the date free?

I'm proposing to have the outing in the month of March, 1 or 2 days before/after HSH's anniversary day. Since HSH is born in the March and also it would not clash with any online celebration. Setting the exact date could be flexible still, but month it's prob better to set in March. IMO, more meaningful ma. Hahah

Activities wise, again feel free to throw in suggestions. It could be anything from a simple breakfast, lunch or dinner to maybe chalets, bowling, skating, soccer etcetc. Indoor outdoor whatever. Of course must be something which people of any age could participate?

And also, annual gathering allows our Msia HSHians plan their own schedule beforehand so maybe if their timing allows or what, they could cross over to SG for the gathering!! Especially those nearer to us, like Momo? Hahaha. Likewise, if it's ohkay we can also maybe cross over to JB for the gathering la. Hahaha

So yepyep, please feedback/voice out your opinions, suggestions via the tagboard or comment box. Or you can email me/sms me or whatever. As long as it gets heard. Hahah

Hopefully it'll be successful. Please pass this message around to all HSHians because as you know, I cant freaking on maple. Kthxbye. Hahah

With love, ruth

p/s: siewlin, i love the konayuki song on your player. Haha

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