Saturday, May 1, 2010

Guild Scarlion

Guild Scarlion organized by MoM04310, cc14.

MoMo, desperately finding a bishop, forced CharmedP03 to use Bishop(Aegeria). I, on the other hand, Momo jio me to play for fun. :D

 The Entrance


1st Body

2nd Body

3rd Body, some attackers and helmers took cover.

3rd Body

Somehow, I ended up as the attacker too :D
Taking up the challenge to hit 3rd Body.
Last time, on my first Scarlion run, Momo and creamy don't let me hit...hehe...
But, now, I naughty, hand itchy. Want to see how it's like to hit. Hehe...

Then, I realize this B3, very annoying. So hard to pot. Almost die also. Need bang on keyboard where the elixir button is (coz lag a bit).
But, it was a good experience.

Shortly, after that. We finally down B3. Momo pet naughty loot the card T_T
But, in return, Momo gave me demon wand :D

The Attackers(right) & Helmers(left)

Congratulations to the 3 Helmers

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