Monday, May 24, 2010


This post was actually meant for this special person birthday. But, I totally forgot about it.
This person is very special to me. Maybe some of you may know him, but maybe some of you do not.

He was a brother to me and to most of us.
Without him, I wouldn't be still here today.
He was the reason why I'm still here.

He not only taught me things in Maple, but he taught me how to lead a meaningful and useful life.
He taught me leadership and responsibilites.
He motivates me and the people around him.
~ ~ ~

He now has semi-quitted Maple to achieve his career.
Now he leads a better life before he started Maple.

He has contributed alot in HSH guild. He has help out with Guild Zakums and GPQ's.
He is now a Lvl200 DarkKnight and a GuildMaster of Government guild.

He is my teacher.

Happy Belated Birthday philiptan gor!!!


Wish you all the best in your future and career! And God bless you with a new girlfriend! (:

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