Sunday, May 2, 2010

WCGPirates & MoM04310 Wedding

Finally, this is the day we all have been waiting for, our dear MoM04310 wedding day!!!

She has finally found "The One"!

After her Scarlion guild run, Momo had been anticipating this time of her Maple life, her wedding ceremony.

Momo's wedding, held at cc14, Wedding Village.
People had started gathering at Wedding Village at 6.30pm.
Momo won't start her wedding without hara. But, hara online just in time (:
The wedding started at 7pm.

Outside The Wedding Hall

Their Wedding Wishlists
really like husband, like wife. F3

Inside The Wedding Hall

Showering Our Blessings For The Newly Wedded Couple


Now, as you can see.
There is no wedding SS shots.
Because, non of us, have Momo's wedding SS shots T_T
Shortly while we're showering our blessings for them during the vow exchange ceremony,
I dc-ed.

Not only I sad because I'm going to miss Momo wedding shot. I sad also coz my 20% spirit pendant. And my 200% exp on 3rd monster, plus 3x EXP Monster Card.
Dam sia. If I not emo, I got emotional disorder sia. F3.

Congratulations on WCGPirates & MoM04310 Wedding!!!

WCGPirates, you better take good care of our dear MoMo hor...
if not...hehehehe...

Shake bed tonight both of you =D
Use Durex! :D

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