Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SheMan Papu

This was unfortunetly few days back. After finishing Papu's quest with the help of davidlimxxx.
Can consider my first papu. And, from the results from it, I will NEVER Papu again. Even if you pay me to.

Because Papu is famous for its Dispel. After surviving 3/4 of it's dispel attack, it just so happen when I have to die, where it off my Magic Guard and the bomb mobs have to explode. F5

So, in the end, david get all the profits and EXP. I feel like I'm being used F3. But, I get the dews F3.
Plus, david very pro de F3 He can solo papu by himself F3F3 (*pray pray he die*)

But, at the 2nd body. Where, big papu was being shrunken down into this tiny normal shape monster. I was, really speechless. I was stunned, as in. Big mob turn into small useless mob.


So, I want to end this by saying.


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