Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guild Krexel

Guild Krexel was organized by our dear lLazyHeadl this evening, consisting of 4 guild members from HeiSerHui and the other 2 from Snails and TopSecret guild. The aim of this Krexel run is for a guild profit run.

Unfortunetly, most of the attackers wasn't done doing the Krexel quest to get the Wrench and some need to get Soul Lantern from the Singapore Boss. So, the guild Krexel was delayed from 6pm till 8pm.

After finally finishing all the quest and getting all the requested items. The run started at 8pm.

The attackers consist of :

As you can see, there weren't any Bishops during the run. There were all attackers. Just as I realized, siewlin was the only girl in the party -.-"

It says that Krexel is actually Level140. The first eye of Krexel consists of 250,000,000HP!! But only have, 1,344,000Exp. Whereas, the second eye has 2,000,000Exp.

Fighting the first eye of Krexel went on smoothly. Kinda slow due to its long HP. Towards nearly the end of the first eye, lLazyHeadl died!! Since the leader of the party was so busy chatting and had died, there was no HB and there was a short of one attacker. The party had gone into a panic, but they still retain their fighting positions. lLazyHeadl, handed over his position as a leader to siewlin, to lead the party. Due to an inexperience boss run, siewlin panicked.

Shortly after the handover, siewlin Dc-ed due to the failure of the responding Maple. The leader position was took over by OinkyDoinky. And, I sweared that I never do it on purpose, okay. -.-

So, in the end, the 4 attackers were left to fend for themselves. Either to give up or to take the Big Guy down.
They choose to fight till the very end, even with a short of 2 attackers and a HB-er.

While the other 2 emo-ed in town. T_T

Wasted my time. Wasted my pots. Get nothing in the end, except sweet experience.

Krexel was successfully down a few minutes later by the 4 attackers. Congratz to the 4 brave attackers!! Now, this is what I called, guts!

~ ~ ~

The holidays has just ended for secondary students in Malaysia. A sign that's saying that the Finals is nearing towards the end.
Singapore holidays as well, as same as the end of the 2x EXP & DROP event.

So, good luck studying to all members and Maplers :D

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