Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belated B'days & Goodbye Lazy-ness

Just to say a

Happy Belated Birthdays to CharmedP03 and to Keni zai!


Happy One-Day-Late To woshisid0123!!

Wish you all the best in everything you do!! =)

~ ~ ~

And, just to inform you that,
our dear HOLY lLazyHeadl has quited MapleStory in a form to concentrate in his studies.
Maybe he have told you before, but if you do not know. You shall know now. LOL.

He does not want the whole world to know. But, I want the whole world to know! LOL...

This is his last messages that he told me in MSN last night.

This shows how "humble" he is...LMAO... =p

And a bit of message, indicating about HSH guild people.

Ok. I'm writing here.
Because, he had sort of help people in the guild. So I believe, some of you had some messages you wanna leave for him. How you wanna write it, is your choice.

But, to say,
good luck lLazyHeadl in your exams!! =D

if not you don't come back HSH..LOL

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