Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Member To Hit 200!!!

Congratulations to our dear zXcmlharaXz on hitting Level200!!!

Our first HeiSerHui Bishop member to Level200!!! Our Laoda should be proud of her for bringing the guild's name this far ^^

 Can finally rest le hor. Finally can go for GPQ's and socialized with the outside Maple world!!!
Yea, hara, you train too much le you need to have fun-.-
(same goes to all other Maplers who wished to Chiong Lvl200)

Unfortunetly, not much celebration was made because hara was busy "eloping" with our recently new member, Lvl19x, Dark Knight, Soospirit. F3 F3...

Uncle kohcmeng, Romeo, Tokwanyi came back to witness hara's leveling. But, most of them were afk-ing.

Megas For Hara

And did you know that this is HeiSerHui's 200th post?!
Ahaha!! This calls a double celebration for HeiSerHui!

~ ~ ~

Shortly before zXcmlharaXz's leveling,

A 45minute GPQ was organized by dear Mom04310 to celebrate our Laoda return from "jail".
An short escaped from reality for Laoda.

I call it a 45minute GPQ because, halfway through the GPQ, our Laoda Dc-ed and never log back in again. LOL. Shortly after that, zXcmlharaXz leveled.
It was the only first round.

 Stage 3

And our noob for the 45minute GPQ :

everydaysux by godhellxxx
(see, he admit he's a stalker. Becareful ladies ;p)

~ ~ ~

Plus, someone has join the LoanShark(Jr.Master) gang!! ;D
Congratulations to the new, innocent LoanShark, leasaac!!! 
Welcome to the club!! ;D
Now, now, let's not all bully her, kay? Our new Ah Long has a lot of things to catch up on being a loaner (:

 Illegal Gathering Discussion

~ ~ ~

Now, just a reminder to the members. If you have join HSH guild, you should know that this guild is a kinda "mature" guild. Old members have been in this guild since HSH was created.

If you have any problems, please, just voiced it out. We will try our best to solve the problems. If you keep the problems to yourself, no one is going to help you. Read me. NO ONE! And when no one helps you, you will feel unhappy.

And, I want to add another thing. If you don't feel like you're part of the HSH guild. There is only one problem. You have to contribute more to the guild. Not contribution as in GPQ or gatherings like that. You have to talk MORE in the guild. Be open. Socialize with the members. Ask questions. Even if it's stupid questions.
But, of course, there is always a limit towards that.

~ ~ ~

I shall end my report here by saying

Happy 200th post to HeiSerHui!!!
Huart Arh!!!

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