Sunday, June 6, 2010

June Holidays GPQ

Starting off with our HeiSerHui GPQ to start off the June Holidays Mapling!

Gpq started after the 3 hours 2x EXP which ended at 11.30pm, cc14 at Excavation Site.
It's funny how when you organized an event, but you're the person who turned up late, siewlin. *shakes head*

Thanks to MoM04310, she was there at the time when siewlin wasn't not around. So, MoM04310 started off with the first group of people.

And, guess who came back for the June holidays?

Our not-so-lengzai Blamblameb! :p

So, after the first GPQ run, extra members came to join in the 2nd run. But, poor noob davidlimxxx Dc-ed during the first stage.

The third GPQ run, uncle kohcmeng and AcHeRrOn came to join in the fun. There were approximately 11 people, 85% members onlined who came for the GPQ.

Crowded Outside

Hyper Inside

Happy Outside

Naked Outsidesideside

Stage 2 - Hanging Out With Uncle kochmeng

Stage 4 - Members Crowding To Compete Over Each Other For The Jumping Pants

Everything was going smoothly during the GPQ. Pro jumpers who haven't been jumping lately, have their jumping skills turned abit rusty, but with a little warm up and exercise to burn our fats, we are as fit as a fiddle!

And our Noob For The Day : 

Our Princed Charming, CharmedP03

Final Stage - Entrance To Eragoth

Final Stage - Eragoth Throne

After the third stage, MoM04310 decided to retire for the night. And handed the GPQ over to siewlin.

With the confidence of the team, eventhough kohcmeng and MoM04310 were unable to help us down Eragoth. The fourth GPQ run suceeded with the much help from Aegeria (Keni Zai), davidlimxxx and AcHeRrOn.

The GPQ ended with HeiSerHui placing 3rd ranking place in the GuildBoard, the Top3 guilds in Delphinus/Eridanus.

The GPQ ended around 2am. Everyone was dismissed after that. Hopefully, our ranking will stay strong for the meantime before PrEdatOrD, used to be Delphinus 1st ranking in 2007, takes over us.

Thanks everyone who had contributed, including godhellxxx who join us for the first time.

P.S : I cutted out bishop and uncle man and pasted them at the far right site >> LOL

~ ~ ~
Dusting poor Dreammech, who was sitting down, dreaming :X

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