Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year So-Called-Countdown Gathering For 2010

New year gathering. Organized by me once I log in coz everyone got nothing to do, including me F3
Just a few people la. Mom04310 had to run off before the clock strikes midnight ):

As aspected, woshisid0123 and davidlimxxx was already at FM Room20, cc14 before me F3

Well, I brought an extra special guest, who also became our new HSH gang member F3

So called countdown, eh? Too busy chatting, I guess... xP
Coz there were too many things happening :

1. Crazy donaters donating $$ to some donating thingy. Siao I tell you...Zzz...
2. A mapler reached Lvl200 right after midnight strikes
3. Bombard megas started flooding in our chats
4. My neighbours downstairs spraying aerosol cans. I kepo go see..F3
5. My sister call me see her do some fitness techniques...LOL...
6. Then I forgot what

And of course, there's nothing in a gathering without SS Sessions.


And, we know our dear Creamy too busy AFK-ing... :D So we took advantage of her... (:

The Bunz Girls :D

Blamblameb Dating Creamy
Si Blamb, u better dun disturb her, she got law leh!! F3

I like this picture, but somehow something is blocking me from liking it...


THERE! More like it ^^


Countdown over. It's the new year of year 2010. Now to start a new beginning of the Tiger year.

So does kkazuki07, I think. F3

Our Ex-HSH Guildmate, got married on the 27th December 2009, Sunday.
Too bad nia, it was family day so I couldn't on. F3

Well, some of you may know her, some of you may not. Just for making up for not attending the wedding ceremony. F3

Gratz kaki F3.

I haven't do APQ for so long leh. Let's go do APQ!!! :D

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