Monday, January 25, 2010

HeiSerHui Visiting AhMa

ChiefC00ker chio me and Sleipmon for AhMa at exactly on our cc14, 1am. The founder was our beloved Chief.

So , yeah, the 3 of us killing AhMa.

Chief died 3 times, I think, trying to keep the AhMa from being pinned. And, I accidently slipped and fall on top of the AhMa itself. Yes. I know. AhMa loves me (:

~ ~ ~

I hope it's not too late for this.

Yesterday, was our beloved davidlimxxx birthday. I've forgotten to blog about it. Hmm...sorry ):

Happy (Belated) Birthday davidlimxxx!!! (: 

All the best for your finals this year and and...jyjy hunting POT (:

I know, I know. Don't cry. We'll always love you, (I think). lol =P

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