Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KLCC Underwater World Outing

An unorganized outing at the eleventh hour. I was running everywhere getting my stuffs.

Met up with Eric aka Icemaker, our ex-HSH member at 3pm to ask him accompany me to go create a new bank account book. Cause I too noob that's why. Thank you si Eric.

At 4.30pm, fetch Jaslyn aka purplerockx, also our ex-HSH member from her college.

Then, we went to KLCC Underwater World! My first visit to my own country tourist attraction site. Wow, I'm SO patriotic of my own country. lol

Play safe. Stay safe. Buy condoms. lol

Eric selling fishes. All moldy already one.


The fish like to smell my shoe.

- Picture Of The Day -

Me kicking Eric *evil grins* (I wished I really do that)

~ ~ ~

P.S : 2 more days peep!

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