Sunday, January 3, 2010

HeiSerHui Voting Banner Competition Rules

Ok la...I cannot hide myself anymore, or in the dustbin, or jump into the sea or swim all the way to Ireland...
I'm bored...So, Ima gonna blog........about this banner competition.....*covers face with hands*

I don't dare post nia...F3...after shock you all till you all nothing to say..
I only got for 4 words to say for this banner competition. But, I'll say it at the end of this post.
I wanna get this done over with.

But first. I give you WARNING...
don't be shock. don't die of heart attack. don't laugh. don't quit Maple.
coz I will point my middle finger at you. *points forth finger*


Okay, the rules for voting is quite simple. This voting is open to all public people. So, anyone can vote.

1. Choose a picture that you like or suitable
2. Set your vote (beside the blog bar >>)

**please do not submit multiple votings. One person only entitled to one voting for fairness.

See, so simple. But, I'm not going to reveal whose banner is that, to prevent people from being 'pilih kasih'.
To play it fair. Try not to reveal yourself la. If reveal liao...then................just try not to la...

The voting will go on for 11 days. Should be enough -.-

The winner of this banner competition will claim 10k Maple A-Cash. No scams.
The winner of this competition will also have their banner post as our HSH banner blog header. So choose wisely.
The winner have the rights to choose either to reveal his/her names to the public or to remain anonymous.

Without further delay, I shall post the banners.............[Offline]

It's a total failure. *cries*

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