Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fames Is For Fun

I know I got a lot of fames. But for what purpose? No purpose, it's just for fun. A hobby of my own.

But why you want to defame me? Defame me very shuang for you, rite?

I know you very happy defaming me. I can see it because you keep stalking me in FM. Tracking me. Defaming me.
Ya, I go which cc, you come follow me and then mass defame me.

I also very shuang playing with you le. Just like playing chasing police right? Very shuang le, because I can run away from a noob like you. So fun.

What goes up, will come down. But sorry la noob. That is not gonna happen to me.
Don't jealous la. I not jealous of other people also. It's just that you're a total noob.

~ ~ ~

One day, I was in FM. I don't know what the heck happen. This noob pm me, calling me "Ji Bai Bitch". Call me "Ji Bai Bitch" nevermind one. To me, it's nothing. 

Then, I go track him. Out of the blue, we same cc in FM. He cc-ed. Few minutes later, he spam whisper me, calling me all sorts of bad words. Haiz,this noob epic failure in language. After I off my whisper. Then, he go spam chat invite me. This person so cute nia *vomits blood* My secret maple fan admirer ^^"

Not enough, he go defame me. Go cc1 defame me. But, he too free. Come stalk me and defame me again. I beh tahan, so I offline.

A few days later, he come stalk me and start defaming, again. Wah, sienz. My jealous fan really loves me ^^"
Then, we play chasing with each other. But, in the end, I win. ^^

So, conclusion, don't track strangers whom you don't know. They might just become your worst enemies (:

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