Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All The Best!

Today's Wednesday. And tomorrow's Thursday, which means SPM Results Day!

Not sure to be sad or happy or excited. Neither there.

Maybe sad because the 3 months "holiday" has come to an end or maybe the results isn't rewarding. 
Maybe excited or happy to know our results from the 3 months "holiday" and getting to see our friends at school again.

Maybe. Just, maybe.

Well, this wishes are from me,

Good Luck to all SPM 2009 candidates in Malaysia in retrieving their results tomorrow!!!

No matter how bad is the result, life still have to go on! (Please don't kill yourself)

Good Luck to Sid and me bah, for the results tomorrow :/

Oh, please, if I get straight A's, my name wouldn't be Chuah Siew Lin.

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