Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost For Words

Dear Ultimat3ARAN,

We wished you all the best in your studies. Eventhough, we couldn't provide you a better environment that you've wished for. But, in our hearts, we will always welcome you into our guild with open arms (I know we have said that alot of times). But horr....quit Maple and go study first, then only you can come back. LOL..jkjk.. ;p

P.S : And, Ulti arh...don't feel so shy to voice out la...we're all open-minded d...I think... (:

Love, HeiSerHui and The Gang.

~ ~ ~

And, not forgetting, Gratz leasaac Leveled 190 and Dreammech Leveled 180.

Jyjy to Level200!! :D

Mom04310, don't organize Zakums/BG/[whatever boss monster] liao la...faster go train!! LOL...

~ ~ ~

Welcome back Uncle kohcmeng to MapleStory! :D

~ ~ ~


Happy Birthday to ImMrHg, a.k.a Uncle Ng! :3

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