Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom04310 Birthday Celebration

At 10pm, we were all gathered at FM cc14, waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.

Once our VIP, Mom04310, arrived,
we started off with the Food Ceremony. Lead by Sleipmon.

Why I call it the Food Ceremony?
Because Sleipmon throw foods in random (:

was the Gift Ceremony. Lead by siewlin, me.

Actually, I was just clearing out my slots, so I throw watever I didn't want O:
Hope Momo doesn't sees this...

Carry on,
was the Wishes Ceremony.

I edited and cut out the megas' to save time and space.
Basically, it's all the wishes dedicated to Momo la of coz...

Lastly, to end our darling Momo's birthday party,
was the SS Session.

Well, due to the technical error, I accidently click the wrong SS button,
so there were alot of pictures which I didn't manage to snap ): Sorry.

we want to wish Mom04310 aka Elaine a very wonderful birthday!

~ ~ ~

Gathering organized by siewlin.
The ceremonies were planned by Sleipmon (not really).
Everything went on smoothly.

The less stressful gathering so far.
I hope we will continue doing this same effort in the other following gatherings as well.

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