Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jumping Secret

I'm no jumping pro. I'm aint' one too.

All it takes to be a good jumper is...

1. Patience.

2. Concentration.


3. Practice.

If everyone follow these 3 steps. Everyone or anyone can be a good jumper.

All you just need to do, before this 3 steps, is to observe carefully on the obsticle.
After that, follow by the 3 steps.

~ ~ ~

This is one of the jumping obsticles in the GPQ.

See the red rectangular box?

This is a part where many people are unable to jump across.

But, here's a little secret that I wanna share with you.
Whenever you're about to jump across,
just think that you're flying!

Yeah, I know! It sound ridiculous, right?!

Well, I don't think it is.
And thanks to this person who gave me the same advice.

I don't find it difficult anymore.
And this person is none other then, ArtOfNua.

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