Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

It's the time of year again!! :D Earth Hour!!

I'm pretty excited! Everytime when there's Earth Hour, it makes my hormones run wild!


I know. So sad to know that this 1 hour falls on the 2x drop rate or watever event you're having in Maple.

But, please people, this is the world that we're saving. I know some people think that switching off the lights or other electricity appliances will do no changes to the environment.

But, think about it. It's just one hour. It'll do no harm.

Yes, it also includes login out MapleStory and offing your computer and your modemn.

Leave us a comment, if you wanna share your experience during Earth Hour! (:
Tell us what you did during Earth Hour.
Please, no comments like : Shake bed with a dude/gal in the dark...

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